Since its introduction to Carnatic music in the 18th century, the violin has become an integral part of Indian Classical Music, both North and South. It is unique as the only accompanying instrument and yet it has become increasingly popular in the modern era as a solo instrument with potential for fusion with other musical traditions.

Classes are typically an hour in duration.

Sangeet currently offers 2 levels of classes:

Beginner Violin

Instructor: Gokul Madhavan

The beginner class assumes no knowledge of Carnatic music and/or no prior experience at all playing the violin-Western, Carnatic/Hindustani, Celtic, etc.


Material Covered:

Intermediate Violin

Instructor: Gokul Madhavan

This class assumes any level of prior exposure to the Carnatic violin beforehand. This class will also briefly survey semi-classical, fusion and Hindusthani genres.


To improve upon pre-existing technique, focusing on developing clarity and speed

Material Covered:


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