In India, the art and the science of rhythm has always been revered due to its richly textured and deeply spiritual roots. Tabla is India’s gift to the world of drums. Here is an instrument that is breathtakingly complex and quite difficult to master.

Although the documented evidence of India’s rich percussive tradition is as old as the Vedic era, tabla is a fairly young child born of a fusion between Indian and Middle Eastern cultures around two hundred years old. The name 'tabla', probably comes from the Farsi/Arabic word for a drum 'tabl’. According to a popular folklore, Amir Khursuro invented the tabla by accidentally splitting the Pakawaj (age-old Indian drums) into two.

In the last few decades, Tabla has emerged as the center-piece of the North Indian classical music and the popular music. A lot of this new-found excitement and following can be attributed to a fortunate convergence of some of the greatest maestros during this renaissance era. Some such masters are Ustaad Alla Rakha, Pundit Kishan Maharaj, Pundit Kanthe Maharaj, Ustaad Ahmed Jaan Thirakwa as well as the current generation of wizards such as Ustaad Zakir Hussain, Pundit Anindo Chatterjee and Pundit Swapan Choudhury.

In the class, we will we will try to unravel the mysteries of this instrument. We will learn both the classical and popular versions of tabla and visit hundreds of age old compositions that are passed down from one generation to the next.

Classes are typically 1 hour long.

Sangeet currently offers 2 levels of classes:

Beginner Tabla

Instructor: Aditya Kalyanpur

The beginner class assumes no knowledge of Hindustani music and/or no prior experience at all playing the tabla.


Material Covered:

Intermediate Tabla

Instructor: Aditya Kalyanpur

This class assumes any nonzero level of prior exposure to the tabla beforehand.


Material Covered:


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