Harvard Sangeet

Harvard Sangeet is a student-run organization at Harvard College. Its mission is to usher South Asian music to its deserved place among cultural and artistic establishments at Harvard and to forge a legacy at the intercollegiate and global levels, establishing Harvard as the premier seat of South Asian musical leadership and scholarship.

Sangeet's activities are aimed at increasing the exposure and appreciation of South Asian music, providing a forum for teaching and learning, through the Harvard Sangeet Music School, and encouraging performance at the highest levels.


  • Percussion Study Break on April 23 at 8:00PM in Tonkens Room (Across from Winthrop House Library) .
  • Check out our new website and our exciting events planned for this semester! Join our mailing list by clicking here.
  • The Harvard Sangeet Music School is now open for registration! Registration will remain open till March 7, and classes will start shortly after.
  • Webmasters and Volunteers Needed. Please contact us at harvardsangeet@harvardsangeet.com!

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Sangeet's Musical Picks
of the Month

  • Shashank performing a Ragam-Tanam-Pallavi in raagas Abheri, Desh, Madhuvanti, and Nilambari, from the album 'Moments of Ecstasy' on MusicIndiaOnline
  • Mahesh Kale singing Vilambit Khayal in raag Dhani, from www.MaheshKale.com
  • Lata Mangeshkar and Jagjit Singh singing 'Allah Jaanta Hai' from the album 'Sajda', from MusicIndiaOnline

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